With its colorful collections, iconic patterns, glamorous dresses, swirling petticoats with generous volumes, and emblematic creations, SOULEIADO brings the Sun of Provence into the heart of Le Bon Marché.


Like a sensory journey, the House invites you to live a hedonistic and immersive experience in its universe.


- sharing the joy of simple pleasures, during a meeting in the village square, at a café terrace,

- marveling at the color of the sky, the scent of lavender, or the flavors of the market,

- letting yourself be lulled by the field of cicadas during a leisurely break.


Like a sunny and inspiring journey, wandering through the alleys of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, explore Provencal elegance through SOULEIADO's ready-to-wear, accessories, and home collections.


Enchanted by noble and natural materials, our historically charged reissues, our iconic and timeless models, dare to embrace colors, patterns, and invite the sun into your wardrobes, your convivial tables, your summer evenings...


In a setting reminiscent of a Provençal village square, the senses are awakened by all the charm and elegance of an inspiring Provence, where it is pleasant to recharge, stroll, and hunt for treasures:

A Provencal petticoat, a washerwoman's hat, a basket
A scarf printed with famous Indiennes
Tableware, a colorful tablecloth
Antiques & Flea market items
Flavors, scents... evoking Summer and Provence


For an immersion in this mythical Provence, the decor brings together the codes of the Art of Living SOULEIADO:

The omnipresent Sun & vibrant colors: Ochres & Lavender set the tone from the entrance (Potteries & bouquets of Lavender)
The village square and its fountain invite you to continue the visit, to wander the streets and discover the treasures of the SOULEIADO House
The convivial, colorful, and gourmet Café area showcases the house's universe (Colorful tableware and tablecloths)
The chirping of cicadas transports us
The "French country style" arouses curiosity: The journey is punctuated by a selection of items found at antique dealers and products staged in a "Flea Market" spirit.

Label Experience credit for Souleiado popup design and production


Souleiado, the art of Provençal living, takes up residence at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

From April 26 to August 15, 2024, escape to Provence in the heart of Paris, where a season rich in events, workshops and meetings awaits you.



Like a sensory journey, Maison SOULEIADO invites you to experience a colorful and olfactory journey centered around lavender.

Souleiado unveils its history, its expertise in motifs and pigments through the Lavender flower, inseparable from the soul of Provence.


A celebration of Lavender through a first escapade into a nuanced chromatic palette of lilacs, purples, or indigos.

Exceptional pieces where deep pigments reveal themselves in the brilliance of natural materials. Each shade has been carefully selected to reflect the diversity and richness of Provencal landscapes, offering color enthusiasts an incomparable palette to express their creativity. Quilted travel line, generously voluminous skirts, iconic shirts, immerse yourself in the selection and let yourself be surprised by the captivating scent of lavender.


To celebrate this launch, Souleiado is organizing a series of exclusive events at Le Bon Marché, thus offering the opportunity to discover the inspirations behind this collection.


Indulge in a unique and rare moment around a lavender spindle workshop, like an escape to the heart of generous Provence.

An artisanal craftsmanship, whose secrets will be revealed to you by Maison Franc 1884, established in Perthuis in Vaucluse.


A springtime beginning punctuated like a journey to Provence, with the presentation of the Vanessa Bruno x Souleiado capsule collection. A sunny collaboration where mythical prints infuse their energy into flounced skirts, fluid dresses, and patchwork. Femininity and spiky romanticism meet for a new summer in the heart of Provence.

Join us on May 16th for a meeting with Stéphane Richard and Vanessa Bruno.